A Time Lady, who, against her family’s wishes, left Gallifrey in a tardis to marry. She had fallen in love with the evil Vagus from the Summit of Jōb, who fooled her into marrying him. Vagus had his mind set only on how he could exploit her and profit from having a Time Lord. With a carefully arranged plan, Vagus arranged the death of Astra in order to get her to regenerate. As her regeneration cycle began, Vagus halted the regeneration with a device called a Morph-lock, which he acquired from the Soothsayer on the Planet Maol. He imprisoned her partially transformed body in a specially prepared containment module situated beneath the main console of her tardis and connected her to it via an Electro-Cerebrum link, which allowed him to pilot her tardis through her brain waves.

Just like the Doctor, Astra was enamored with Earth; especially late 19th century France and she made many trips there, guising her tardis as a 19th century French street kiosk. As an ironic homage to his imprisoned wife, Vagus transformed the interior of her tardis to a French-themed design when he changed it into the hotel Ménagerie.