An alternate dimensional realm touching Earth’s and a place of mythical legend which has been called “paradise”.

Beauty is a place of peace and is filled with life; overflowing with lush gardens, fields and forests; lakes, streams and mountains. It has two suns in its sky and shimmering rains fall gently upon its soil. Animals roam freely and live in peace alongside the Beautian people. Beautians know the priceless value of their environment and hold it soberly as their ultimate responsibility. Even Beauty’s cities are built to integrate seamlessly with the environment, echoing the rhythms and flow of nature’s forms.

Beautians, have a unique characteristic, in that their eyes shimmer, and in harmony with their natural environment, their bodies glow with a shimmering aura. They can appear as normal humans, however, and can live among humans indefinitely without detection.

Beauty is ruled by a familial monarchic body called the High Court, which passes in succession from one generation to another. Its highest office is that of “the Keeper of Beauty”. The High Court is currently under the reign of The House of Flowers. 

Beauty can only be accessed from Earth through a portal called Eden’s Gate. The portal can only be opened by the forces of an energy vine; a tunnel-bridge that rips a hole in the wall between dimensions, connecting them. Known travelers to Earth through the gate are its exiled ruler, Dandy Lyon Flowers and his daughter, Magnolia.