A brutal race of beings fueled by the conquest, plunder and destruction of other races to which they come in contact. The Carnage was a clan of instinct-driven creatures who originated on the planet Deth, a dark planet, where opposing clans fought each other for centuries. Through the manipulation of Deth’s history by the chronicle Delilah, a Chaos Stone fell to the planet’s surface. Its sentient influence accelerated the mental development of three of the clan, who became known as the Triumvirate. The Triumvirate seized control over the clan and used their newly acquired mental capacities to crudely organize them. When a lost Clocon ship crash landed on their planet, they killed its crew and stole their technology. Attacking the opposing clans of their planet they utterly destroyed them. This technology subsequently greatly increased their faculties and after many years generated technological advancement, eventually granting them the ability to produce their own space ships. Under the total control of the Triumvirate, they began to spread themselves throughout the galaxies, pillaging and destroying every civilization they touched. Their acquisition of the spoils of the myriad of civilizations has increased their power, forwarding their race and continuing to make them feared throughout the universe.