The title of a Writer, one of the Order of the Writers of Ages. Those destined to become Chronicles are detected at a young age by the presence of Kronixus, the Time Strain Particle, in their brains. The detection of the particle is the single means of selection to the Order of the Writers of Ages and instigates a series of events, which bring the young subjects to the Place of the Writers, and put them into service as a Chronicles of the Order.  Chronicles, many times to the dismay of their guardians, can be retrieved from any point in time across the universe and taken out of time to the Expanse, where they are granted the gift of heightened temporal-perception by the Esse. They are schooled in the history of all realities and are assigned to record the history of a specific subject, such as a galaxy, planet, time period or person, dependent upon their aptitude and experience. The chronicles obey the Rule of the Writers and submit to the authority of the Sirdar, who created the order.

Known Chronicles include; Canon, Delilah, Lyric and former Chronicle, Evel Scin.