A clandestine cult of Gallifreyan outsiders who were the descendants and sole remnant of Gallifrey’s mystical age. Living outside of the Citadel, they were sworn enemies of the Time Lords, who considered them primitive. Offended at their treatment, and knowing they were no match for the technological might of the Time Lords, they organized themselves with the express purpose to secretly undermine, fight and become a constant thorn in the side of the Time Lords in any way possible. One of the Clocon managed to steal technology from the Time Lords and construct a rudimentary time/space teleportation device called the Expirichron. Rooted in both technology and mysticism, the Clocon utilized it and managed to subdue and kill hundreds of Time Lords. When discovered, the Time Lords punished the Clocon and confiscated the Expirichron, not knowing its minor component, called the Holem, was removed and hidden away. A disguised Clocon rebel, using spells of earlier millennia, managed to acquire the Expirichron back from the Time Lords and stow it on a ship that ultimately crash landed on the planet Deth. The Carnage found the ship and killed its Clocon pilots, but the Expirichron and other technology were taken and used by the Carnage, which advanced their development. The Clocon also developed the Morph-lock, which eventually came into the possession of the slave-trader and poacher, Vagus.