An orphan from the moon of Olympia and twin sister of Ka-al. They were left as orphans when the Carnage came and ravaged their home planet, the Moon of Olympia. The Time Lord, Shade, found them and took them into his tardis and became their guardian and mentor. As they lived with him for years, Shade taught them many things about time and space and taught them how to pilot his tardis. Shade was pursued and attacked by Evel Scin, who discovered he was a Time Lord and desperately wanted to steal his tardis for himself. Scin managed to use a Trans-Mat to teleport Shade without his tardis, to an unknown location in the universe, leaving Ka-al & Da-al stranded. Scin stole his tardis, which was disguised as a steamer trunk, but could not get inside. He moved it to his laboratory where it remains under constant assault to be opened. Ka-al & Da-al have managed to track down Scin and continue making attempts at retrieving it.