A dark planet created from the Chamber of Existence by the evil Chronicle, Delilah. Delilah wrote the planet into existence to catalyze and advance the brutal race called the Carnage, in her plan to defeat the Doctor and conquer and rule worlds. Deth spawned numerous life forms and beasts of opposing clans who fought each other for centuries, but under the influence of Delilah, a large Chaos Stone meteor fell to its surface. Under its sentient influence, the stone catalyzed the brains of three beasts, developing in them an advanced intellect, with which they took total control of their clan. The clan became known as the Carnage. Also under Delilah’s hand, a lost Clocon ship crash landed on the planet. The three beasts, taking the collective name of the Triumvirate, and others of the Carnage, killed its pilots and acquired their technology. With the technology and under the organization of the Triumvirate, the Carnage systematically attacked and eradicated each opposing clan across the planet. Advancing in technology, they began to spread out into space, eventually vacating Deth completely, leaving it in desolate ruin.