One of the descendants of a race of humans who were stationed on the research colony X Libris, who was detected in childhood to possess the Kronixus, the time strain particle. Taken from his parents, he was put into the service of the Order of the Writers of Ages. After a time, it became apparent that Scin’s mind had become corrupted and he began to instigate chaos on the Order. The Sirdar decided to return him to his time and personal history, wiping his mind of memories of his time in the Order and creating a past to account for the time he was absent. 

Returned to the colony, Scin grew and his life flowed into a normal routine. Possessing the effects of the Kronixus, naturally understanding various intricacies of space as well as time, Scin excelled at his studies, surpassing the knowledge of his professors, and eventually worked his way up to become the leader of the colony. Politically astute, he became a board member of the Ironstar Foundation, which finances the X Libris space station. Using his intellect and influence to satisfy his greed, he became a collector of rare artifacts through a clandestine life of crime, which made him extremely wealthy.

Though having his mind wiped of all memories of his time with the Order of Writers, the existence of the Time Lords, seeming a fairy tale from his childhood, was one which he believed to be a reality. Fully convinced of their existence, Scin’s fascination of acquiring knowledge of the Time Lord race became an obsession and he considered the pinnacle of his life’s achievement would be the acquisition of the greatest space vehicle ever created – a tardis. Scin discovered and pursued the Time Lord, Shade, eventually trapping him and sending him via Trans-mat to an unknown location in the universe. He then stole his tardis but has had no success in entering it.