(Silas Irons) is a 12 year old African American child of 1920’s earth, an orphan and companion of the Young Doctor. He is street-smart, imaginative, intuitive; one of the Secret Brotherhood of Bully Boys. He shows a high resistance to mind control unlike others of his age. Before meeting the Young Doctor he regularly sat atop the roof where he slept every night and gazed into the night sky, wishing he could travel among the stars. Years after becoming a companion and travelling with the Young Doctor, he became an established and very successful businessman and founded the Ironstar Foundation and Trust, in order to build a space station to study the stars.

Flapjack had a temporally paradoxical relationship with the young Doctor. He met the Doctor in an order different than the Doctor met him. From Flapjack’s point of view, he first met the young Doctor when he saved the Doctor from a police sweep to rid the streets of orphans in 1920’s New York. After joining the young Doctor and having adventures with him in the Tardis, the Doctor returned him to his own time and as he was an orphan, gave him a gift of a White Hadram Sphere to help guide him throughout his life. The next time Flapjack encountered the young Doctor was on his deathbed in the 1990’s, when the Tardis brought the Doctor to his hospital room. In his final minutes, Flapjack returned the Hadram sphere to the Young Doctor’s hands, stating how much their adventures and the gift had changed the course of his life. From the Doctor’s point of view, this was their first meeting; an encounter which occurred soon after the Doctor’s retro-cyclic regeneration, but before his first meeting and adventure with Flapjack in the 1920’s.