A Gallifreyan ‘Book of Relative History’ in the form of a hand-sized sphere. There are 2 types of Hadram spheres, White and Black: White Hadram Spheres are used for teaching. They present to their possessor the immediate history, backwards and forwards, of an event or object and show possible cause and effect of a decision or action. They are to be used as a tutor or guide to navigate events and aide in decision-making processes. Black Hadram Spheres are used strictly by the Order of the Writers of Ages for the purposes of recording and cataloging the Histories of Time, as they have been revealed by the Esse from the Expanse; the Place of the Writers. Information is written onto the spheres mentally by a Chronicle, or another entity possessing some form of higher psychic ability. The Black spheres work in conjunction with a Chronicle Seat, which amplifies the Esse and concentrates temporal knowledge, so vast amounts can be written; processed through a single Chronicle’s mind.