A foundation established by Silas Irons (Flapjack) a former companion of the Young Doctor, dedicated to the education and research in the study of the stars.

Silas Irons wished to travel among the stars from the time he was a child. His travels with the Young Doctor fulfilled his wishes and ignited his imagination and purpose. With the aid of the Doctor’s gift, a White Hadram Sphere, Silas, an orphan, navigated his life and steered it to many successful and lucrative ends. With his capital he created the Ironstar Foundation and Trust with the purpose to build the space station and research colony he imagined, although he knew it would not come to be until after his death. The station X Libris was the finished product of the foundation and culmination of Silas’ dream. It was completed in the year 2100. The foundation is self-perpetuating and is under the management of a board of 5 members; one of which is Evel Scin.