The queen and sole-survivor of the M’troshk people of the planet Rosh and the core of the M’troshk mother-ship.

An invading army of the Carnage decimated the entire population of the M’troshk people of the diminutive planet Rosh and destroyed it. Only M’to escaped, fleeing in a single person, monarch ship. For her survival, she fused her life form with that of her ship and using her technology, gradually built an army of soldiers around it, one encased within another as walls of protection; constantly growing, gradually building herself into an actual planetary unit whom she named after her people, the M’troshk.

M’to set her sights on vengeance and her army fought and prevailed against the Carnage, destroying one of its outposts. Having tasted victory, M’to acquired an insatiable thirst for conquest, deciding to colonize alien planets with her armies, multiplying her forces by stealing the life-force of beings and integrating them into herself, creating new soldiers.