One of the Bastia race of the planet Eternal Flame. He was a survivor of the Great Cataclysm which exploded the planet and was one of the engineers who aided the construction of the lock which created the time anomaly. Previously considered one of the top intellectuals of the planet, after the explosion he became destitute; his city and most of his people destroyed. As the Acoza race grew in influence, Savant became resentful and schemed how to usurp their power and raise his race back to their former glory. Taking many years of struggle to rebuild their civilization, Savant collected any and every material and resource he could find and built up a cache of explosives called Theta-bombs. Based upon sound, the explosion of a bomb would create powerful sonic waves with enough power to break the time anomaly which kept the planet suspended in the time-lock, preventing its destruction. Organizing a band of his people, they infiltrated the Acoza fleet of the Tourdes, supplanting their cargo with the Theta-bombs. From high above he demanded access to each of the Independent Continental Provinces, and threatened to destroy them all by detonating the bombs over each of the five continents if his people weren’t put in control.