An evil sentient being embodied in the moon of the Planet of War and Peace. The being was a parasite which fed upon negative energy and emitted a negative influence over the planet. Every 5 years in its orbit, the moon drew its closest to the planet and from this proximity it exerted total control over its inhabitants with negative energy. This caused the inhabitants, of the planet, the Xhir, to be incited to bitter war with each other for the duration of its close orbit; usually of 3 years. After the 3 years the inhabitants lived in a time of complete peace. This cycle resulted in the destruction of their society at their own hands for 3 years, then it’s rebuilding for 2 years, until the cycle started again. The moon entity was destroyed by a small group of the Xhir, called the Gentri, who built powerful weaponry and used it to destroy the moon, which ended the power of the entity over the planet.

The remnants of the moon spread across the galaxy as space debris, becoming asteroids and space dust, sometimes entering a planet’s atmosphere and falling to its surface. These remnants, called Chaos Stones, still possess the consciousness of the entity and can still exert a relative influence on other beings, dependent upon the size of the remnant. Chaos Stones are known to have fallen to at least two planets and have had an effect on its inhabitants; the planet Deth, where it affected the development of the race the Carnage, and the planet Sleech, where it became the co-parasitic host of a Sleech being which was eventually brought to Earth.

(See also Chaos Stone)