An ancient and powerful group of humanoid and other life-forms who have the ability and responsibility to write the Histories of Time. The Writers, called Chronicles, function as an author does to his book. They don't exist inside the universe they write. They stand outside of time and all known realities on an unmapped plane of existence known only as the Expanse, sometimes called the Place of the Writers. At the center of the expanse, atop a mountain stands a campanile named the Core, a repository of all history, where the Histories of Time are catalogued and stored, arranged by galaxies, planets, life-forms, ages and individuals. The Core is the tardis of the Time Lord called the Sirdar, the master writer and creator of the Order.

Each Chronicle of the Order is bestowed the gift of heightened temporal-perception, the ability to see time by the force called the Esse. The Chronicles don’t cause history to happen the way it does, they merely perceive and record history as if it has already happened, before it actually takes place. They understand and write timey-wimey, alternate timelines and paradoxes of temporal history. Each Chronicle presides over a realm, such as a galaxy, planet, timeline or even person. Their continual writing is linked to the continual change in the universe. As it keeps changing, they must keep writing, and once written, events happen.

In addition to temporal-perception, if within the Chamber of Existence, the Chronicles have the ability to write events of their own imagination, altering histories, but this practice is forbidden in the Rule except under extenuating circumstances.