The central component of the Expirichron, an ancient rudimentary time/space device, created by a primitive, clandestine group called the Clocon, from stolen Time Lord Technology. It was created to be used as a weapon against the Time Lords, who confiscated it. It is mystically attuned to the frequencies of the Time Vortex and Time Lord DNA. When operated, the Rithe punches the hole in time/space, allowing either the operator or captive to pass through the opening. With connected components, tentacles of energy search out and seize any Time Lords in their path. Without the Holem connected to it, the Rithe’s time tentacles cannot search out Time Lords with complete accuracy, but merely originate a time/space opening in relative proximity to them.

The Rithe was acquired back from the Time Lords by a Clocon rebel and stowed away on a ship which ultimately crash landed on the planet Deth. The Carnage found it, but could not operate it, but used its technology to advance their race and conquer other planets and species.