“The destroyers of paradise”, in the lore of Beauty, the Scorchers were the watchers and protectors over Beauty at the beginning; lovely creatures who lived in harmony with every other being until the Hour of Vanities, when they became aware of the power they wielded in the realm and they gathered to rule. Calling themselves the Exalted Ones, they began to misuse their power. And at the time called “The Day”, the forces of the House of Flowers came against the forces of the Scorchers, and a great war ensued, marring Beauty and shuddering paradise. The Scorchers were ultimately defeated, and as the Keeper of the House refused to condone their destruction, he had them imprisoned in the far reaches of the realm.

When Witherd, the second son of the House of Flowers, was ousted from his position as successor to the Keeper of Beauty, in anger he searched the ancient books and discovered the secret locations of the imprisoned Scorchers. Freeing them, he usurped power and used them to force his brother, the next Keeper, into exile and imprison the remainder of the High Court.