A slave-trader and poacher, disguised as an hotelier from the planet called The Summit of Jōb, who fooled the Time Lady Astra into marrying him. Focused only on how he could exploit her and make a profit, he carried out a carefully constructed plan by arranging the death of his wife Astra in order to get her to regenerate. As her regeneration cycle began, Vagus halted the regeneration with a device called a Morph-lock, and imprisoned her partially transformed body in a specially prepared containment module beneath the main console of her tardis. As he didn’t know how to operate her Tardis, he connected her to it via an Electro-Cerebrum link, which allowed him to control it through her brain waves. He stole her tardis and used it as a cover for an intergalactic poaching and slave trade, trading in exotic animals and higher life-forms. He altered its interior, fashioning it into a galaxy-class hotel with a zoo. As it was guised it as a 19th century Earth street kiosk, and named it Ménagerie. Passenger cruises to other worlds supply Ménagerie with its exotic life-forms, allowing Vagus to secretly buy and sell them to the highest bidder. He keeps Astra secretly imprisoned under the main console, using her mind, allowing him to perpetuate his criminal acts.