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This wiki is about Doctor Who; fan-written stories of the Doctor when he was a 12 year old child and his new adventures in space and time. The ideas are my own, but I welcome you to add your ideas (of stories, people, places and things, as well as artwork) that you can create about the adventures of the Young Doctor.

Who's Boy - The Young Doctor:
The Young Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor after his 11th, where he experienced a Retrocyclic regeneration in which he regressed backwards through all of his previous regenerations into the body of his first incarnation, to when he was a child about the age of 12. This incarnation was brought about by exposing the ancient Gallifreyan relic, the Holem, to the frequencies of the Time Vortex contained at its center, the Stillness. To learn more about the Doctor and each of his incarnations, check out this link.

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