A space station from the 22nd century, housing 3 generations of a human research colony. The station was the brainchild of Silas Irons, who, inspired by the gift of the Hadram Sphere given to him by the Doctor, wished to create a station in space, totally dedicated to research and education in the study of the stars. Creating a trust for its construction, it was totally funded through his foundation, the Ironstar Foundation and completed in the year 2100; 101 years after his death.

Evel Scin was born and raised there. His intellect and knowledge surpassed all others on the colony and he became its leader. Politically astute, he became a board member of the Ironstar Foundation, which finances the X Libris space station. Scin secretly uses the colony’s resources for personal profit, amassing a vast and an impressive collection of various space artifacts, the star of which is Shade’s tardis.